The iPhone 5 is Coming September 12th – Sell Your Old iPhone Now
According to multiple sources in the tech industry, Apple will announce the new iPhone at an event on September 12th. The highly desired device will then go on sale Friday, September 21st. Tech journalists have been salivating over the possibility that this may be the first iPhone ever with a bigger…
Want an iPhone 4S For $30 a Month?
Virgin Mobile just announced what could be the best deal on an iPhone and service, period. Starting June 29th, you can get an iPhone 4S on the Virgin Mobile network for $30 a month and that includes unlimited text and data. There's no contracts either. This is pre-paid goodness.
Early Verizon iPhone Reviews Are In
The results are in.  After much testing, the "tech sites" are all pretty much reporting the same reviews about Verizons version of the iPhone 4.  AND... Yup...  It's an iPhone 4.
Finally – iPhone On Verizon
After years of speculation, rumors and guessing... Today, Verizon announced that officially, the iPhone will be available to its customers 2 /10/11.
This is exciting news for those of you that are existing Verizon customers and my guess is that this will be better for consumers no matter which c…