Normally, I try to go shopping without my husband because it is easier that way. Things were a little different this weekend, my husband decided that he wanted go shopping with me. So I let him tag along and like always my husband was bored, miserable and kept mumbling things under his breath. I am sure he was saying nothing but good things.

As I was trying things on I decided to involve my husband and ask what he thought. When I said, "are these shorts to short", he replied "yes". I was a little outraged because the shorts that I had were bermudas, meaning...they came right above the knee. As we both left the store mad at each other we didn't realize that there was a mis-communication until we got home. He thought I said, "do you like these". Ooops! Brad reminded me that it is best to leave your husband home when shopping.

What do you think? Does your husband have a say in what you wear? and do you take your spouse shopping with you?