We all do things that annoy our spouses, but somethings are more annoying than others. According to a survey in Female First by a British website called MagazineSubscription.co.uk, these are the 10 bad habits that women hate most in their boyfriends or husbands:

1.)  They're immature.
2.)  They dress like a bum.
3.)  They're thoughtless.
4.)  They hate to go shopping.
5.)  They don't do any housework.
6.)  They leave the toilet seat up.
7.)  They won't obey their simple house rules.
8.)  They don't show any interest in the things that THEY like.
9.)  They buy lame Christmas or birthday presents.
10.)  They watch too much sports.

And here are the 10 habits that men hate most about the women in their lives:
1.)  They take too long to get ready.
2.)  They shop too much.
3.)  They spend too much on haircuts.
4.)  They nag about housework.
5.)  They watch girly shows like soap operas.
6.)  They're bad at parking.
7.)  They get upset when you criticize their cooking.
8.)  They don't notice when you finally DO do some housework.
9.)  They start conversations with the phrase, "You never listen to me."
10.)  They have long phone conversations with their mothers or friends.