Remember when Blackberry used to rule the corporate world? The little smartphones--with their chicklet keyboards and thumb scroll wheels--were the defacto way to keep organized, check exchange emails, and message co-workers. Oh, how times have changed.

Now iPhone and Android run the show and RIM (Research In Motion) is struggling to stay relevant.

Today RIM CEO Thorsten Heins gave the world a look at their new operating system "BB10." Unsurprisingly it looks like every other smartphone operating system. Heins stressed the use of "one-thumb navigation" to keep the spirit of the Blackberry scroll wheel alive despite the new phones being touchscreens, and the new updated alarm feature (wow?).

So when are these revolutionary new features and phones available? Today? Next week? Nope. Look for this next generation Blackberry "early 2013."

I know Blackberry still has their--diminishing--place in the corporate world, but the whole company seems so antiquated when you look at the latest offerings from Apple, Google, and even the slick new Microsoft phones. It doesn't seem like they're building these devices for the consumer anymore, just for the corporate IT guy.