If your phone falls in water, you're probably out of luck.  Water isn't supposed to mix with super-sophisticated electronics.  But there IS the off-chance that if it's not broken, or if you have the insurance, you can pay a little and swap it for a new one.

 Which brings up an important question:  If your phone fell in a FILTHY PUBLIC TOILET . . . would you fish it out?

 A company called Crowd Science asked people that question and found out that . . . yeah, the majority of us WOULD shove our hand into a cesspool of filth to try to save our phone.  57% of smartphone users said they'd try to save their phone.

 iPhone users were the most likely to go toilet diving for their phone, at 65%57% of Android users would try to save their phone.  BlackBerry owners were the least likely, at only 49%.

 And if that doesn't sum up where the smartphone market stands in 2011, then nothing does.

The survey also found that one out of five smartphone users say they're ADDICTED to their phones.  iPhone users are most likely to be addicted, at 26% . . . BlackBerry users are least likely, at 13%.

 As much as technology's supposed to be a young person's game, people 30 to 49 are most likely to use smartphone features and apps.  But people 50 and over are least likely to use their smartphone's features. 

What other things would you consider "fishing for"  Your wallet?  Make up?  What's worth diving for?  Share your comments below.