Photos are so 2012. The rage this year is video sharing and Facebook owned Instagram may have just won the war.

Instagram is a super simple photo sharing service. In Apple terms, "it just works." You can take photos, edit them, add cool filters and share them with your friends and on other social networks. We love Instagram here at KEZJ. We've used it several times and always enjoy the photos you guys share with us.

And now they've added video sharing. You can share videos that are up to 15 seconds in length, and even add all the cool Instagram filters that we know and love. Instagram also has a built-in image stabilization feature that allows you to take video while moving.

I've talked about another video sharing service before, Twitter's Vine, but Instagram just became the full deal champ. It was already the master of photos, and now it is for videos too.

Instagram is a free app for iPhone and Android.

(Via Gizmodo)