My new obsession is a micro video app called Vine. Launched by Twitter, Vine is a social media service centered around the creation and sharing of 6 second video clips.

And it is so much fun!

Micro video seems to be the new rage on the 'Net. These videos, which range from 5 to 10 seconds in length, are usually quick snapshots of life or clever animated shorts.

My wife, 4 year old son, and I created this video of Optimus Prime rolling in and transforming into robot in less than 10 minutes last night. Despite seeing my finger, my hand, and Jack's cat Fuzz in the video I really think it turned out cool! I was actually surprised at how well we animated the transformation sequence.

Vine is free for iPhone. Sign up now and get creating!

Warning for parents: it seems that in the past few days Vine has been infiltrated by adult content. Twitter is doing its best to lock the content down or remove it completely, but much of it is still there. There was even an adult video accidentally featured as the Editor's Pick on the app yesterday. The adult content isn't everywhere, but it's there. Just keep that in mind.