I am hoping someone out there has an answer for me because me and my back cannot sleep in a crib size toddler bed anymore!

Here's the deal. We moved my 19 month old son from his crib to a toddler bed. Some nights he does great and sleeps through the whole night. Other nights, like last night, he is constantly getting out of bed to come find me. At that point he won't go back to sleep until I lay with him for a little while.

So I have three choices, I can lay with him on the couch, in his bed or in my bed. I have been told to NEVER let your toddler sleep in the bed with you unless you want them to be there until they are 7. This is something I defiantly don't want to do. So, I find myself sleeping in his toddler bed. If I just try to lay him back down in his bed without waiting until he falls asleep he gets right back out of bed.

I feel like the only thing I can do now is either duct tape him to the bed or make myself at home in the toddler bed.

Does anyone have a better way? Please!