And now, it's time for us to do the requisite story about how high gas prices aren't 100% bad news.  So remember what we're about to say when you're paying $5.50 a gallon in July.

High gas prices save lives.  For every $1 rise in gas prices, approximately 11,000 American lives are saved.  That's a combo of fewer car accidents and more people getting healthy by walking.

High gas prices save money . . . just not your money.  Every $1 rise in gas prices saves $11 BILLION in healthcare costs per year.  That's because the $1 increase can lead to a 10% drop in obesity rates.

 High gas prices lead to better roads.  Higher gas prices bring in higher taxes, which many states put into improving their roads and other forms of transportation.

High gas prices lead to cleaner air.  Fewer cars on the road equals fewer emissions.

 High gas prices help hobos.  When gas prices went up a few years ago, people started taking trains again, since they're cheap and efficient.  And who loves trains?  Hobos who ride the rails.  This is big for them.  Oh, and Amtrak too, I guess.

Via (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)