Do You Think ATM Fees Are to High?
According to Bankrate banks now charge an average of $2.40 for non-customers to use their ATMs, which is a record high for ATM fees.   That's a 3% increase from last year, when the $2.33 average fee was a record high.  In fact, ATM fees have hit a record high each of the las…
High Gas Prices Could Save Lives
And now, it's time for us to do the requisite story about how high gas prices aren't 100% bad news.  So remember what we're about to say when you're paying $5.50 a gallon in July.
High gas prices save lives.  For every $1 rise in gas prices, approximately 11,000 American…
Twin Falls High School Lockdown [Audio]
Yesterday, I saw a multitude of posts following the walkout at Canyon Ridge and many during the Twin Falls High lockdown.  This morning we asked you what you thought.  Hit the jump for audio from this mornings show.