A few weeks ago, Idaho Power stopped by my house and switched out my old meter for a new "Smart Meter."  It's my understanding, that among other things, the Smart Meter is supposed to keep accurate tabs on my power consumption and eliminate the need to have someone stop by my house once a month and read the meter.  You can read more about Idaho Power's Smart Meters

I'll get to it... Yesterday, I opened my power bill and dropped enough bricks to give the wall of China a run for its money.  My power bill had DOUBLED.

Smart Meter? 

Am I missing something?  August was hot so maybe I was using the AC a little on the heavy side?  Did I leave my doors open?  Is there a gaping hole in my roof?  Or can I not ignore the obvious spike in my bill that seems to coincide with the installation of  my new Smart Meter?

A few of you seem to be expereincing the same issue and one caller said that after calling Idaho Power, he concluded that there was an error in the reading of the old meter when they pulled it from the house.

Here's what you had to say on the show today

I just opened my bill last night so I'm not sure what the explaination for my inflated bill will be... I'm going to call today and I'll let you know.  In the meantime, I'd love to know if you have had a similar experience?