I'm a little protective when it comes to food.  Just ask my wife.  But  I'm particularly stingy when it comes to fair food.  I'm not sure exactly what it is;  I think it's because it only comes around once a year and it's one of the few chances I get to really chow down without feeling guilty.

All I know is that when we get to the fair, I head straight to the elephant ears and I do NOT want to share.  Now, I'm not a complete jerk about it.  If anyone wants an elephant ear, I'll stand in line and get you one too.  I simply want to sit and enjoy every single bite of my very own elephant ear.  And don't give me the "I'll just have a bite" routine.  We all know that a "bite" quickly turns into splitting it down the middle.

Man... I'm reading this back to myself  and I'm a little embarrassed.  It sounds like I'm being quite childish about the whole thing.  Perhaps it's because the fair brings out the kid in me... and I didn't really like sharing so much then either.