Last Christmas I gave my wife an iPad. Most apps at that time weren't universal, and there were a few on the iPad that I really wanted on my iPhone. The list wasn't that long: Pages, Garage Band, and Flipboard. Earlier this year Apple released both Pages and Garage Band for the iPhone, but I had yet to see Flipboard.

Yesterday that changed.

Flipboard is a stunning app that turns your social media like Facebook and Twitter, along with your favorite sites, into a beautiful, elegant magazine. And it's free.

As a graphics and web designer I can't help but look at some posts on Twitter and Facebook and think "that's the ugliest thing I've ever seen." Not the content, mind you, but the way the information is presented. Flipboard fixes that. It takes all of those posts and presents them as though they were magazine articles. It works automatically, and is astonishingly fast.

If you have an iPad download Flipboard. If you have an iPhone download Flipboard. Just find a way to get this app.