Brad thinks his neighbors dislike him because every time he waves at them they don't wave back but he isn't sure why they would hate him. He doesn't recall doing anything that would make them hate him.

I on the other hand KNOW my neighbors hate me and rightfully so. I made a big mistake. One fine afternoon I was on the phone with a credit card company who had charged me a service fee that I disagreed with. The conversation was getting heated so I stepped into my back yard and began to curse like a sailors daughter. After the credit card company decided to reimburse my fee I politely hung up the phone.

At that time I noticed my neighbors were having a family barbecue. I was mortified! I am not sure if it would do me any good to apologize. Brad suggested I say that I have turrets. I am thinking I need to apologize but I am not sure what I would say because nothing excusing my behavior. What do you think I should do and do you have neighbors that hate you?