‘Fartners’ Is Like Twitter For Your Flatulence has taken a big dive today. There is now an app called 'Fartners' and it's like Social Networking for your flatulence. Yeah. Go ahead and wrap your head around that one. Oddly this wasn't even invented by a 12 year old boy with an immature mind. Nope - grown adult…
Your TV is Recording Everything You Say
Lots of technology comes with voice recognition. Our smart phones all include voice text. Our cars let you give voice commands for navigation and hands-free phone calls.
The Best Jobs of 2015
U.S. News & World Report just released its annual list of the best jobs for 2015.  And this year, the best job to have is a dentist.
My Neighbors Suck and Other Funny Wifi Network Names
Last night I had to reset my iPhone wifi connection at home and when I refreshed the list of available networks, I noticed something.  Some of my neighbors have gotten really creative when choosing a name for their network.
I noticed that we have a "Bilbo Baggins" and "get off my lan&q…

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