Warning: The New iPhone Might Make Your Cell Phone Bill Go Up
Today's the day Apple finally announces the new iPhone . . . so we can all finally breathe again, and for a moment all will be right with the world.
There really shouldn't be that may surprises.  There's been enough reasonably credible information leaked that we all pretty much know that Apple will l…
5 Phrases You May Never Hear Again [VIDEO]
Last week I talked about 7 sounds you'll never hear again thanks to technology. Now I've got a good list and a video of the top 5 phrases you may never hear again...again, thanks to technology.
10 Tips To Be a More Courteous Cell Phone User
Welcome to Phone Etiquette 101.
What is etiquette, anyway? It's basically a set of rules we all agree to follow in order to be considerate toward others. We follow them as our contribution to the kind of society we want to live in.

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