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Top 10 95.7 KEZJ Stories of 2011
2011... what a year! The cancellation of "All My Children," a giant wolf in Sun Valley hoax, Marines fighting kickboxers, hostage situation... these are a few of the stories you were interested in during 2011. Here's our top 10!
Signs That Fall is Officially Here – Our Top Five
Many long-time residents of the Magic Valley will tell you that if you don’t like the weather, you should “wait five minutes.” That’s true of the other three seasons in Twin Falls, but when Fall arrives--usually right around Halloween--there’s no mistaking itȁ…
Best Halloween Events in Twin Falls – Our Top 5
Twin Falls boasts some great adult and kid friendly Halloween events. From Monster Mashes to haunted tuberculosis hospitals, we have it all. Here are the top 5 Halloween events in Twin Falls and surrounding areas guaranteed to be ghoulishly good
Twin Falls’ Best Facebook Pages–Our Top Five
According to Nielsen’s latest Social Media Report, Americans spent over 53 billion minutes on Facebook in May- yep Billions of minutes. Facebook is our favorite social media site to be spending/investing/wasting so much of our time, although we do like other site as well. Nie…
Food Staples of Twin Falls—Our Top Five
American’s love to sample food from new places, and every city or area has a food they’re associated with. From Coney Island’s famous hot dogs to San Francisco’s Sushi, every town has a food that’s just better there. If …

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