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How Much Did You Spend On School Supplies?
Ten years ago, you could buy your children's school supplies for under $40. If you use coupons, you might be able to buy your children's school supplies for under $40 this year. However, most Twin Falls parents report spending between $60 to $100 per child this year on school supplies…
Should Twin Falls Teachers Be Able To Take Students Cell Phones?
We can all agree that students can be easily distracted by their cell phones. Before we start point the finger, we need to realize where these students have learned their behaviors from. I am constantly distracted by my phone at work, at soccer practice, at the dinner table, etc. We are al…
What Time Should School Start in the Morning?
The first few weeks of school can be rough. The days are long, your kids don't want to go to bed before 9pm, and you don't want to wake them up at 6:30am. This begs the question: Is it just hard for the kids to wake up for the first few weeks, or does school start too early?

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