Yesterday, Twin Falls City council sent petitioners and Canyon Park Developers to mediation so they can  address concerns over traffic and ascetics regarding the Canyon Park Project.

We asked you what the major concerns were regarding the project - Here's what you had to say:

  • Ascetics - Many of you seem cool with the project and the jobs it'll bring to Twin Falls.  You just don't want a "modern" looking building on the canyon.
  • Walking Path - This is a big concern to you.  Keep the path and you're okay with it.
  • Traffic - There's a nearby residential area to contend with.

I was surprised at the number of calls we had saying they should consider an new location altogether.  Downtown was mentioned... So were the fields by St. Lukes as you head towards Filer.

Here are your calls from The Morning Show today

We also received a lot of emails today - Here's one from Jeri in Twin Falls.

Ok, so do the people around the area where they are building the shopping center understand that the city is not only trying to diversify what is available here in Twin, they are also  trying to bring in jobs???  For those of us whose jobs are not secure it would be nice to know that there will be options. I think they need to just build it and the people who live over there can either get over it or move. Sorry, picky people make me angry. And I’m with you on Cracker Barrell!!!  But Kohl’s will be nice