At a news conference today the CSI Board of Trustees announced President Dr. Jerry Beck will be retiring.

Beck was not at the special meeting today on the CSI Campus, but the board chair said that Dr. Beck came to the decision due to some health issues with two surgeries scheduled in the near future.  He said he will be taking a six-month sabbatical until the end of the year.

His retirement would be official on December 31st 2013. Curtis Eaton has been elected by the CSI Board of Trustees to fill the position until a permanent replacement can be found.

Beck began his career with CSI as a certified technical instructor in 1975. He was named as president of the college in 2005. In a written statement Beck said  "I’m very proud of what we have accomplished at CSI during the time I’ve been here,” Beck said of his 38-year career. Highlights include CSI’s steady growth and making classes available to more students by way of telecommunications as well as the classes and services available in off campus centers in Burley, Gooding, and Hailey. “One of the things I’m proudest of is how responsive CSI has been to Southern Idaho’s businesses and industries all the way from recruitment to employee training. CSI’s board, staff, and faculty are all to be commended for rising to meet the challenges and opportunities we have been given.”

The board of Trustees appointed Curtis Eaton as the interim president. Eaton has served as director of the CSI Foundation. He said his goal is to stay in line with the college’s strategic plan. Eaton also said retention and recruitment of new students is also a high priority. The board will now be looking for a new president for the college. Eaton is not eligible to apply for the job.