Apple released iOS 7 to the masses a week ago today (Sept. 18). Within 48 hours of the launch, 32% of iDevices had already updated. That means iOS 7 is now in control of over 200,000 Apple devices.

That's a pretty amazing statistic and proves that a pretty new coat of paint on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad software was what Apple needed. What iOS 7 did in 48 hours took iOS 6 three days a year earlier.

So, for the 200,000 of you that upgraded: what do you think of iOS 7? After a week of using it, here's my list of pro's and con's.


  • The new folder hierarchy is really nice. Being able to have multiple pages in folders is a great.
  • iTunes Radio is pretty groovy.
  • I wasn't sure that I would, but I like the new flattened icons.
  • Apple has packed in a bunch of new usability in settings giving us more control over our devices.
  • The collections and moments feature in Photos is nice, albeit sometimes quirky.
  • The redesigned Phone app is much better than before.
  • Siri is much improved in both voice, and usability.


  • What the heck happened to the Calendar? It's a mess now.
  • What the heck happened to Reminders? Unless you tap randomly, there's no prompt to create new reminders.
  • Music is now the single most frustrating experience on my iPhone and iPad. Creating a simple playlist makes you want to bang your head against a wall.
  • And what's with the landscape album view in Music? That's just stupid.
  • There are many examples of how the User Interface (UI) is inconsistent. Buttons have labels that run off the edge, are too big, or too small. It's frustrating.

Those are just some of my positive and negative experiences using iOS 7. Overall, I do like the upgrade and I'm certain many of my complaints will be addressed in upcoming updates.

Have you upgraded? What do you think of Apple's iOS 7?

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