If you don't have kids, you'd better get all your exotic traveling in now.  Book your trip to Cambodia or the Amazon or Tahiti.  Because once kids show up, you're looking at a few decades of Disneyland and places that serve mediocre spaghetti.

According to a survey by a travel website called Skyscanner from PR Newswire, only 3% of parents say that their kids HAVEN'T ruined their ability to make vacation plans.  The other 97% say they're restricted by traveling with their children.

The main restriction is expense, at 28% . . . it costs a lot to take a big family on an exotic trip.

15% say long flights are a restriction . . . 9% avoid places that are too hot . . . 4% can't go places where their kids don't like the food . . . and 2% actually just let the kids pick and don't offer ANY input.

The survey also found that the number one activity kids want to do on vacation is go to a water park, at 50%.  Parents, who actually DON'T want staph infections, made that one of their least-preferred vacation activities, at 12%.

The number one thing parents want to do is spend a day on the beach, at 42%.  Only 13% of kids said that's their number one option.