I'm a facebook friend with my kids.  I'm pretty sure they don't like it.  Nothing makes something more "uncool" than jumping on your page and seeing your mom and dad.

It doesn't matter how universal Facebook gets . . . kids STILL don't want their parents coming anywhere near them online.

--According to a new survey by Kaplan Test Prep, 35% of teenagers say they're NOT Facebook friends with their parents.  Of that group, 38% say that their parents have tried friend requesting them, and they've just ignored it.

--For the teenagers who ARE Facebook friends with their parents, 16% say their parents FORCED them to become friends as a condition of being allowed to use Facebook.

I guess I'm one of the those partents that tend to hover a bit.  I try not to go overboard.  I don't post on their pages (I wouldn't wnat to ruin them socially.)  And I don't troll thier site every day looking for trouble.  I just want to be able to watch things out of the corner of my eye.  That's just me.

Poll results:

Do you (would you) make your children "friend you" on facebook so you can keep tabs on thier social networking?
12.90% NO - My kids need an outlet and some privacy. It's overbearing to troll your childrens facebook page.
87.10% YES - My children can have privacy when they are 18 and move out. I will monitor their internet habits for their safety.

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