Guys: Valentine's Day is on a Saturday this year, which means you better deliver the goods. Here's what to do: Win the Ultimate Valentine's Day Giveaway!

This is a WIN / WIN Scenario in our book!

You will forget about Valentine's Day until the day before... or worse, the day of. Even if the love of your life claims that she "doesn't really care about Valentine's Day," she does. And she will never forgive you for missing it.

If you do win this contest, lets be honest, you'll have forgotten you entered and it will be a surprise to everyone... including you!

Here's what's inside the prize:

  • $100 from
  • $100 from Zales
  • Assorted Godiva chocolates
  • $100 Visa gift card to spend on the romantic dinner of your choice!

I want this! Alas, cheers to chocolate and shopping last minute at Walgreen's for Valentine's Day.