For years people have driven the treacherous road into the South Hills to see the amazing Christmas lights and Bull the Camel. This year they moved the whole event and things are a lot easier! So, where is the new location for the South Hills Christmas Lights? The Rock Creek General Store, so it is still in the same direction - just a lot safer than driving up the slick roads of the mountains.

You can stay up to date on the lights and their times of operation on Facebook.

We will be open through the 28th of December (off the 29th). The hours of operation are sunset to 12am. Bull the Camel will be here too! Since this is a new location and have had so much to do, we will be adding more and more to the display as the weeks progress! There will be a designated parking area, along with the ability to drive through. Remember, the new location is at the Rock Creek General Store, 6 Miles South of Hansen. 3048 North 3800 E, Hansen, ID 83334.

Do you like that it is closer to town or do you wish it were still in the mountains?