Most parents don't go out Christmas gift shopping in the hopes that they'll get the most dangerous gift possible for their child. And, for the most part it seems that toy companies want to help ensure the safety of kids.

Every once in a while, you'll see toys that are clearly not safe for kids (sometimes they aren't even safe for adults). This year, it seems the most dangerous toy parents are buying for their kids is a war hammer based off an item from the movie Warcraft. It's a big hard plastic hammer, of course it's dangerous. If you get hit, it's going to hurt! But, by those standards I can think of two gifts that are way more dangerous. If you are buying your kids a gun or a car for Christmas, you have entered a level of danger that cannot be counted. If you have an accident with a gun or a car, I guarantee it will be worse than getting hit by the Warcraft Doomhammer.

What's the most dangerous toy you've ever received or given to your kids?