Recently, I had the privilege to visit the Twin Falls Senior Center and hang out with some pretty amazing people. While there, I learned about the different activities offered for members of the community. I also learned about how important the services they provide are for peoples’ livelihood.

The Twin Falls Senior Center does so much more than just house seniors for a few hours a day so they can get out of the house and socialize. Though they definitely do provide a wonderful place for seniors to interact with each other, they do so much more. These people work each and every day to provide for those who may otherwise be overlooked.


Hanging out with some of these people and listening to their stories, I couldn't help but smile. These people are so full of joy, life, and are a light that you don't always see in people. Sure, to some working at the Twin Falls Senior Center is just feeding some elderly people, but to a lot of these workers, they are building friendships. The employees at the Twin Falls Senior Center are feeding people, helping them exercise, helping people socialize and essentially survive. Often that is the only meal some of these seniors will get in a day.

If you are the type of person who can build friendships and is excited to make people smile every day, it might be the best job for you. I was there for a little over an hour and I can tell you I left that place with the biggest grin and my heart was swelling because they were just so appreciative that I took the time just to speak with them.


If you are looking for a job, a fulfilling job that really makes a difference in so many people's lives, you may want to consider working for the Twin Falls Senior Center. They are hiring for paid positions and can always use volunteers. To learn more, visit or call (208) 734-5084.