This is why it is important to do research when you go on vacation. A female tourist recently posted a video of her visit to the Shoshone Falls with one glaring omission: it appears she never actually saw the Shoshone Falls. In the video, you can see it below, you see a short clip of her driving int the canyon and then a longer clip that shows some water but it isn't the full waterfall.

I might be wrong but it seems that she didn't go all the way into the canyon to see the actual Shoshone Falls. She may have made it to the pay booth and stopped to look from there which would explain why she only saw the top on the falls. I hope this isn't the case though because it would be horrible to have come for a visit and not seen the full waterfall, especially since the flows are really high right now. For comparison, you can see in her video that she got the top portion of the waterfall before it pools and then becomes the main waterfall, in the next video you can see how the rest of it looked at the time she was there.

This is one of my fears when travelling. We love to travel and visit new places and I have been victim of not researching the right paths or missing the main attraction of a tourist site. Ross Falls was one example locally that we did wrong the first trip, but that seems to be pretty common.

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