I hate math - and math hates me. I am really bad at advanced mathematics. In fact, the only class I have ever failed was Pre-Algebra in Junior High. Because of math I also did horrible at Physics and Chemistry. Now my son has started coming home with math homework that looks Greek to me (which is silly because he actually brings home Greek and Latin words to memorize and I speak Spanish, which is Latin based, so I understand it better than his math) and asks me for help.

So what do I do? I lie to him. I tell him we'll figure it out and then we start writing stuff and talking while I hope that something he learned at school will kick in and maybe trigger a memory for me or he'll remember how to do it and I can take credit for helping...even if I di nothing.

I'm not the only one on this 'Math Sux' boat (that's what I've named it). A recent study found that the top 5 subjects we are the worst at for helping our kids all relate to math. Algebra, Fractions, Trigonometry, the Pythagorean Theorem, and ratios.

It looks like very soon I'll have to tell him the truth - that I have no idea how to divide fractions and make them into decimals...and if you add alphabet numbers into the equation, I become an X. Meaning I am out.