It's official. Every school in the Magic Valley is back in session. Twin Falls School District has been in session for almost 3 weeks while Xaviar Charter School and Filer School District are just beginning.

Some parents are sad to see their kids go back to school but most parents rejoice at the fact that their children will be expanding their knowledge. Translation...most parents are happy their kids won't be in their house's until 4:00 everyday. It sounds harsh, but when asking parents what the best part about their kids being back in school was. Their house being quieter and cleaner came in at number 2 on a national study conducted by Argus- Press.

Number one on the Argus-Press survey surprised me! The number one thing people look forward to when their kids go back to school is the weather getting cooler. What? We're more happy about the weather than soccer, football, a cleaner houses, a routine for our kids, etc.?

This information makes me wonder what Magic Valley parents like best about their kids going back to school.