I can't recall the last time I stayed up past my bedtime to catch a midnight viewing.  My day starts early.  Very early.  My alarm goes off at about 4am.  When I made plans to see The Avengers with my radio friend Nate Bird from KOOL 96.5, I was hoping that the movie would be worth the lack of sleep I knew would follow.

It was.

Without giving away any spoilers, I can honestly say whether you're a comic geek or just someone who wants to have a good time watching a fun, action-packed flick, you won't regret laying out 10 bucks for Avengers.

The movie spends enough time setting up the story for those unfamiliar with the franchise but not so much that it will bore those that are eager for the movie to get to the point.  Just about when I was wondering whether or not I should have waited for a Sunday matinee, Avengers took flight... and didn't stop.

I've heard some rumors that this would basically be Iron Man 3.   That's not the case.  Sure, Iron Man is big character and the story line spends ample time with him but by no means is the character a story-hog.  In fact, Hulk fans will be VERY pleased.  You'll have to watch the movie for yourself to discover why.

And while there is an ample amount of comic-book violence, I thought Avengers held up its PG-13 rating quite nicely, without holding back on the non-stop-smash-up action you would expect from such a movie.

It has been a long time since I've considered seeing a movie twice... but I'm seriously thinking about diving into my couch cushions to wrangle up the money to watch it again.