If you are done with this pandemic, being cooped up in your house, and you just need to get out into nature for a weekend - you aren't alone. A lot of us are feeling the urge to get outdoors. For some people this is a new feeling and camping seems like a foreign activity. I have good news, camping doesn't have to be dirty or in a drafty tent. I do prefer tent camping to glamping in a fancy RV or cabin, I do get the appeal of an occasional outdoor adventure where I don't have to tow a trailer or set up a tent.

What Options Are There For Beginner Campers?

If you only want to get outdoors because you are tired of your home, tent camping might not be the right option for you. There are places where you can rent an RV so your campsite travels with you, but even better are the sites where you show up and sleep in a cabin. Many cabins are rustic and don't come with many amenities or modern conveniences and others are loaded with tech and comfort.

Where Are The Ten Best Campsites For Beginners?

If you are looking for the easy route for your next camping trip, Tripadvisor has sites categorized by other campers to let you know where the good spots are. Based on visitor reviews, these are the best places to camp with a little luxury in an RV or a cabin:

  1. Heyburn Riverside RV Park
  2. Village of the Trees RV Resort
  3. Twin Falls/Jerome KOA
  4. Oregon Trail Campground
  5. Twin Falls 93 RV Park
  6. Intermountain RV Park
  7. Hagerman RV Village
  8. Anderson Camp
  9. Nat-Soo-Pah Hot Springs
  10. Riverside RV Park and Campground
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Can I Tent Camp In Southern Idaho?

Since I prefer to tent camp, I have a few personal favorite places I like to go. If you are up for more of an adventure with your camping, there are a few things that make a campsite ideal. Look for a place with trees since you'll want shade at some point. Camp near water: having a river or a lake nearby will give you the chance to cool off on hot days and clean up a little bit too. When my family feels like a quick camping weekend, we usually head to Hayspur. Camping is easy since there is a lot of space and you can fish at the nearby hatchery pond. Also just a bit down the road is the Big Wood River where you can play. A bit further away is Pine and Featherville where the camping is always awesome and it's near the Anderson Ranch Reservoir. The Visit Idaho website has information on other campsites across the state.

There are also numerous Airbnb cabins you can rent across the state that offer outdoor experiences with the comforts of home.

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