The Worst Road In Twin Falls and Jerome
Living in Idaho, I am sure you have been on some awful roads. I know I have. I realize there are a lot of rough, rocky, step roads in the hills and mountains around the Magic Valley but what is the worst road in Twin Falls or Jerome?
Worst Places to Live in Idaho
We think Idaho is a great place to live... but not everyone shares that sentiment. Recently a travel site listed the top ten worst places to live in Idaho.
What Is The Worst Movie You Have Ever Seen
OK - This should be fun! Now that it is summer and some of us have more free time or later bed times we may fill some of that time with a movie. I have found myself going through lists of movies trying to find something worth watching. Sometimes I fail.
What Is The Worst Fashion Trend Ever
There will always be fashion trends that you look back on and regret 100 percent. For me it was pleated pants and pegged pants - you remember that!? What is the worst fashion trend ever?
What is the Worst Parking Lot in Twin Falls? [Poll]
Why in the world are parking places measured for Mini Coopers and Geo Metros? I'm actually thinking about buying a really small car just so my vehicle fits in parking places. It's impossible to park in some Twin Falls parking lots without door-dinging someone or getting door dinged.