Always Be Prepared Says Idaho Emergency Official
TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)- What would you do if the lights went out? Do you have enough food and water to last during a major blackout, flood or fire?
These are some of the questions emergency officials want Idaho citizens to think about to be prepared for an emergency situation...
If Your Dog Is Missing Check The Twin Falls Animal Shelter
To say that yesterday was windy is an understatement! Yesterday was insane. I lived in Kansas - birthplace of tornadoes - for a few years and that wind was the worst I have ever experienced. It actually blew down a section of my fence and my dog got out. Lucky for us he somehow ended up inside my si…
What Did You Lose In The Wind?
A LOT happened yesterday due to the extreme wind storm we experienced in southern Idaho. We saw everything from semi-trucks blowing over on both the Perrine Bridge and the Hanson Bridge.
Boomer's Street On This Windy Day
Saw this near my house after work today in Twin Falls in the president streets... the wind literally ripped the tree out of the ground, snapped the roots and all.  Crazy!

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