Toddlers With Tech Skills

There's a new study out that analyzes how two-to-five-year-olds around the world are doing in 'tech' skills versus 'life' skills.  And depending on your point of view, kids today are either prepared for a brave new world . . . or our priorities are WAY off.
The technology company AVG polled 2,200 mot…
There is No Such Thing as Free wifi
You know me.  I'm a geek... and a big fan of Leo Laporte, "The Tech Guy".  This is my all-time favorite video from his show.  Moral dilemma:  Have YOU ever "borrowed" wifi from one of your neighbors?
Iphone coming to Verizon
Though Verizon famously turned down the original iPhone before Apple ultimately signed a deal with AT&T, the company's outspoken CEO -- Ivan Seidenberg -- has been very careful over the past couple years to note that he'd love to eventually have an iPhone in his lineup. Wi...