tax refund

The Earliest Possible Date You Can Receive Your Tax Refund
If you're thinking about filing your taxes early, you're not alone. The first date you can send in your tax return is coming up next week, and with holiday bills to pay off, more people than ever will be jumping on it. If you file next week, you can expect your refund in early February.
Idaho Has Great Taxpayers
Tax time can be fun if you're getting a sweet return back. On the other hand, if you have to pay Uncle Sam, probably not your favorite time of year. The good news is that Idaho ranks as one of the best states for taxpayers. Hurrah for us!
Waitress Returns $400,000 Tax Refund
Virginia Hopkins was looking forward to getting her tax refund. And why wouldn’t she be, as Uncle Sam owed the waitress from Cleveland $754.
When she finally received her letter from the IRS, she tour it open and then got the shock of her life. Hopkins was staring at a check for …