Tricks to Eat Less on Super Bowl
You may be trying to eat healthy because you made a New Years resolution. Or you may just want to feel normal on the Monday following the Super Bowl. As Americans we always over eat on Thanksgiving, Christmas and the Super Bowl.
Is Katy Perry A Good Choice For The Superbowl Half Time Show
The internet rumors are saying that Katy Perry will be the performer at the next Superbowl! Which is kind of a bummer because I was still hoping it would be Weird Al. I am happy though that Katy Perry is the female artist they chose out of the current options, plus she is much better looking than We…
Superbowl Winner?
I truly thought that San Fransisco was going to be in the big game this year, even though Seattle had bet San Francisco earlier in the season. No matter how much I wanted San Francisco to be in the Super Bowl its... Denver and Seattle.
Guys Can Clean
Accidents happen. And they usually happen when there is a lot of people around. Last night a person at the super bowl party I attended someone stepped in dog doo doo and tracked it across the carpet. This was a problem that could not be dealt with the next day so five guys taught themselves  ho…

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