How to Tell if Your Eclipse Glasses are Safe
TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) The total solar eclipse is expected to draw thousands of people to gaze at the sky in just a week, however steps need to be taken to be sure not to permanently damage your eyes by using proper eye-wear.
Warm Weather Safety Tips
Temperatures heated up very quickly over the weekend. As temperatures rise there are a few things we all need to remember. Here are some quick safety tips to remember for Idaho's hot summer months:
Too Hot?
I love the heat, but I don't work in it everyday. If you talk to anyone that works outside they would defiantly appreciate some lower temperatures.
Bad Sunburns
It has been really hot lately and if you were at the Air Show over the weekend it was extremely hot. I noticed that some people were so hot that they thought it was neccesary to take off their shirts. I am not a fan of shirtless people in public places, but what are you gonna do?
I also not…
Who’s Responsibility Is It To Bring Sunscreen?
Over the weekend my husband and I went rafting. It was extremely hot so everyone made sure to apply sunscreen before they left the house. I put sunscreen on my kids and myself. I sent a bottle of sunscreen with my kids but didn't pack a bottle for my husband and I because I figured he put sunsc…