Phone Etiquette
Usually when you post something on Twin Falls Craigslist or Magic Valley Buy, Sale or Trade you are excited to get a text message. Unless, the text or call comes in at midnight!
Would You Rather Be Without Your Phone or Air Conditioning?
Brad and I are in a bad way! Poor Brad's air conditioning in his home broke this week and my iPhone had a rare programing glitch and died. So, Brad was without air conditioning for 3 days and I had no phone for 3 days. Brad couldn't sleep and I had no idea where I needed to because my ENTI…
Should We Go Back To Making Phone Calls Instead of Text Messages?
This morning I talked with Bradley and Jack from KMVT's Rise and Shine about texting. While we agreed that text messages were great, we thought that messages get taken the wrong way. Jack even suggested that maybe we should go back to calling people so that our messages aren't taken the wr…
Cell Phone Scam
You may want to be careful who you call back. There is a scam happening in Twin Falls and surrounding cities were your cellphone will ring, and a phone number appears.
Before you can answer it, the call hangs up. Here's where the scam gets you - when you call back, it almost sounds like someone …
Do You Love You Phone
There are only certain things that I will hold my breath for if I can't find them: my car keys, my sons shoes, my wallet and the biggest phone. I find myself giving an actual sigh of relief when I find it. Don't laugh and pretend you don't so this too...
Hanging Up On Someone? [POLL]
Phone calls can come to an end in a variety of different ways. Some people say goodbye by saying, "I love you, thank you, talk to you soon, see you later", etc. Like most people I hate being hung up on, and I think that if you hang up before the other person is done speaking it is …
Using Smiley Faces In Text Messages Severely Annoys Men

Brendan Smialowski, Getty Images
I read an article last night about text messages and the top things women use in messages that annoy men. Here is a list of the top annoying things men receive in a text messages:

Smiley Faces
Multiple Exclamation Points
Winky Faces
Long Messages
Not Giving Enough Time Fo…
More Than One-Third of People Use Their iPad in the Bathroom
Might want to run a quick sanitizing wipe over your friend's iPad next time you're at their house and want to mess around with it.
A new survey by Staples fromMashable found that 35% of iPad owners use it when they're on the toilet.  They didn't find out how many people sanit…

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