Four Phrases That Might Be Holding You Back at Work
Forbes magazine put together a list of little things you say at work that could be holding your career back.  There are a few obvious ones, like saying "I can't," or "That's not my job."  But here are four that were kind of interesting.
1.)  "I Think."  According to one …
The Postal Service is Raising Prices, Again
If you hate sending letters because it is expensive you are going to hate this information. The Postal Service announced that starting January 27th, the price of a first-class stamp will increase one cent to 46 cents. International mailings will also increase in price.
What Will Disappear From Offices in the Next Five Years?
LinkedIn just released the results of a survey on what people think will disappear from offices within the next five years.
And if people are right, offices in 2017 are going to have really modern technology, and a lot of people wearing jeans in giant rooms with absolutely no privacy. Here are the t…
KEZJ’s Icky, Messy, Yucky, Disgusting Fridge
I hardly ever look inside our break-room fridge.  And if I use it for anything, it's usually just a soda or two from time to time.  Today, I opened it to find THIS.   I don't think our refrigerator has been gutted in a very, very long time.
How long will you wait for an appointment? [POLL]
I totally understand that people run late, it is just part of life but how long will you wait for someone or something? I was at an appointment the other day and I ended up waiting about an hour past my appointment before I was helped. During my hour wait I found myself trying to decide if I was goi…
Is Your Office Making You Sick?
You may think staying indoors would be better for your lungs, but a new study finds Americans face the bulk of our health risks not from smoggy outside air — but from potentially toxic substances in our office air.
The Six Most Annoying Work Habits That Can Get You Fired
The Six Most Annoying Work Habits That Can Get You Fired:

People do annoying things all the time at work, and it usually doesn't get them fired.  But you definitely want to avoid doing the things on this list.  Here are the top six annoying things people do at work from
The Average Worker Hates Monday Morning
We have the results of a survey from The Telegraph about how much people hate Mondays.  Yes, today is Tuesday.  For some reason they didn't release this survey until yesterday afternoon.  But at least we're as FAR from next Monday right now as you can get.
Here's what a …

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