Cash & Carry is Coming to Twin Falls
Construction seems to be going on everywhere in Twin Falls. I am ecstatic about the growth, and am really happy about the latest business that was announced. On June 1st construction for the new Cash & Carry Food Service building began at 1777 Canyon Crest Drive in Twin Falls.
Bring Trader Joe's to Twin Falls
If you are on a specific diet you may struggle with finding food options in Twin Falls. Because of this a group of citizens have started campaigning for a 'Trader Joe's.'
Dierkes Lake is Getting New Stairs
I think we can all agree that the wooden stairs at Dierkes Lake are a little scary. But the walk around Dierkes is a great workout with a great view. So many of us have ran up, or down, the stairs while holding our breath.
New Family Fun Center
Winter in Southern Idaho can seem really long. Little kids can't be outside for long periods of times in the winter. Cabin Fever is guaranteed to set in at some point.
New Girl Scout Cookies
We all love girl scout cookies! So, you will probably be thrilled to find out that they are launching three new flavors. You will be really excited if you have a gluten free diet.
Jackie Found a Great LUXURY SUV [Sponsored]
Lets be honest, if you are looking for the best SUV on the market, you might start by shopping vehicles that look like a rugged SUV that belong in the the jungle. I know this because I have shopped for the best SUV's on the market. After some education, I learned that most brand name SUVs …
New School Name and Mascot
The Twin Falls School District is still trying to decide on names and mascots for the new schools coming to Twin Falls. Over 200 nominations have been submitted to the school district. The district narrowed it down to the suggested names below.
New Mascots For Twin Falls Schools
This is a great opportunity! The Twin Falls School District is asking the community help them pick a name, colors and mascot for the three new schools set to be built.

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