Magic Valley Family Hopes to Save Drive-Ins
Twin Falls, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KSVT-TV ) A local family is looking to keep the Grand Vu alive after hearing the news of the drive in closing, Overnight the Facebook page Keep Our Drive-In Alive, jumped from 60 likes to over 2,000.
Should There Be A GoFundMe Set Up To Save The Motor Vu Drive In
We just got some bad news this morning that the Twin Falls Motor-Vu Drive In is shutting down. There was a break in a water line over the winter that went unnoticed and caused a lot of damage making the cost to repair (along with the difficulty in finding 35mm film that the theater uses) outwei…
Save Our Drive-Ins
For many of the remaining 300 drive-in movie theaters in the United States, including the Motor-Vu and Grand-Vu in Twin Falls, this may be their final summer. The movie industry is requiring that all drive-ins convert to digital before the start of the 2014 movie season. Many drive-ins simply won't …
Help Save Our Drive-Ins
A piece of American history is vanishing: Drive-In Movies.Twin Falls is in danger of losing both of our Drive-In movies, but Honda is giving us a way to help with Project Drive-In.
You can help save the Motor-Vu Drive-In!