Why Do You Think Women Talk More Than Men?
I am well aware that I talk way more than my husband but I had no idea I said 20,000 words a day . . . which is almost TRIPLE the number guys say, at about 7,000.  Women are known to be more outgoing and overall more chatty than men but scientists have figured out why.
Ten Things That Suddenly Cost Way More
There were some new numbers last Friday about the Consumer Price Index . . . that's a measurement of the overall price of household goods.  According to the new stats, it's gone up 2.7% in the last year.
And the price of gas . . . which has gone up 28% in the last year . . . is just the tip of the ic…
Six Occupations Where Women Get Paid More Than Men
This won't come as a shock, but women are still paid less than men for almost every job there is.  In fact, last year in all occupations, women made 81 cents to the dollar.
But Forbes has a new list of occupations where women earn MORE than men...
The Key To Having Lots of Friends Is . . . A Large Brain?
Apparently the key to being popular ISN'T being really good at football.  Nope . . . you just have to have a LARGE HEAD.
 An evolutionary anthropologist at Oxford University just finished a study that found a person's number of friends was connected to the size of their BRAIN.