Super Mario Bros Tribute - The Mario Song
I am a huge Super Mario Bros fan. Always have been and always will be. It was a big part of my childhood--heck, my friends and I thought we were Mario and Luigi--so I put together this tribute song, You Give Me Sunshine.
PETA Slams Nintendo Mascot Mario For Wearing Fur
Animals rights advocacy group PETA has issued a scathing criticism of beloved video game character Mario in the wake of the new Nintendo 3DS game ‘Super Mario Land 3D’ for powering-up by wearing a “Tanooki suit.”
Named for Tanukis, the raccoon dogs that have long held an important place in Japanese c…
Mario Is The Number One Video Game Character of All-Time
According to the 13,000 gamers who voted on the Guinness World Records’ website, Mario is the greatest video game character of all time.
The plumber with amazing leaping abilities edged out another Nintendo favorite, Link, from “Legend of Zelda,” for the top spot.  All told, Nintendo had 11 charact…