Do You Have "Extra" Keys on Your Key Ring?
Last night a coworker of mine lost his keys.  He called me because he he needed a new key to the office.
I carry a spare so I grabbed my key ring and started to search for the extra.  That's when i noticed something odd.  I have TWO keys on my keyring and I have no idea what they …
The Rules of a Key Faub
If you have a new vehicle, like the 2014 Nissan Morano from Rob Green Auto Group, you probably have a push start ignition. If you are like me, you may a few questions regarding the push start ignition. The biggest question I have is: If you start your car with the key faub inside the car, but then d…
You Spend a Full Year of Their Life Looking For Lost Items
I am always losing my car keys and my cell phone.  If you are the same way, you're clutter is secretly RUINING YOUR LIFE.  Check it out . . . 
According to Yahoo the average person spends ONE FULL YEAR of their life looking for lost or misplaced items in their home.
Do you have unknown keys on your keychain?
As soon as I saw this survey I said, "Yep, that's me."  I'm one of those people who has an incredibly difficult time convincing myself to take a key off my keychain. 
According to the survey, the average person carries around NINE keys . . . but can only say for …