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What’s Your Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream?
July is National Ice Cream Month!  According to Baskin-Robbins and PR Newswire a whole bunch of people took personality tests, and matched up the results to people's favorite ice cream flavors.
1.  Vanilla.  People associate vanilla ice cream with boring people, but the study found the OPPOSITE.  If…
What’s Your Favorite Kind Of Ice Cream? [POLL]
The International Dairy Foods Association says this survey from iIDFA.orgs about Americans' favorite ice cream flavors.  And maybe it is, on the surface.  But to me, it's a survey on how BORING people are.  And we are . . . EXTRAORDINARILY boring.
10 of the Best (and Oddest) Deep-Fried Foods
There are some foods that we, as human beings, collectively enjoy when deep fried in vats of cooking oil, like crispy chicken and French fries. A lot of these deep-fry choices make pretty good sense, while others are a bit more dubious, and push the bounds of what can actually be called “food.” Here…
Three Things Americans Want Most are Ice Cream, Pizza, and Cars
This seems like an awful lot of effort to figure out that Americans like cars and junk food.
A company called NetBase analyzed 2.7 Billion Facebook, Twitter, and other social media messages looking for the phrase "I want."  Then they collected data on what people said they want…
Ice Cream Parlor Sells Cicada-Filled Ice Cream
Ice cream makers have always pushed the limit when it comes to flavoring their creamy dessert.
This week, Sparky's Homemade Ice Cream, located in Columbia, MO, joined the ranks of bold and off-the-cuff ice cream makers when they offered an insect-filled cicada ice cream.