You Won’t Believe This, It’s a War on Easter
It's a war on Easter. According to ABC 4 - Seattle the city of Edmonds, Washington has changed the name of their official Easter Egg Hunt to just "Egg Hunt."  Quote, "We want to welcome all citizens to our events, regardless of faith."
Wolf Hunt Still On
A federal appeals court has turned down an emergency request by wildlife advocates seeking to stop gray wolf hunts underway in the Northern Rockies. In a ruling Tuesday, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denied the emergency injunction sought by three advocacy group but said it would conside…
Twin Falls and Magic Valley Easter Events
Eggs?  Check.  Coloring?  Got it.  Ready... Set... GO! 
If you're looking for Easter events around the Magic Valley this weekend, there's no shortage. 
There's plenty to pick from, inluding the annual hunt at Twin Falls City Park. 
The big events are a …