10 Signs and Symptoms of Heat Stroke
It's hot outside! With temperatures over 100 heat stroke can creep up on you. It can be difficult to remember and drink water while doing outdoor activities but it is absolutely necessary in order for your body to cool itself. Here are the 10 signs of heat stroke...
Summer Heat Has Arrived – Link Roundup
Sunny skies and a high of 95. Sure sounds nice... until you're stuck in it with no air conditioning. We could see highs break into the triple digits in the Magic Valley this week. Here's a roundup of all of our summer heat articles including 5 hot weather tips that could save your life.
Hand Warmers Catch On Fire!
On one hand, I'm sure the people who manufacture the Little Hotties brand of hand warmers feel bad about this and don't like having to deal with a lawsuit.  On the other hand . . . what an endorsement for the quality of their hand warmers!
 On February 5th, 24-year-old Lauren Self of Madison, Alabama…