Do You Remember This?
I may be dating myself by admitting that I remember these things about Twin Falls, but my Grandmother always said age was a good thing. Recently, an out of state friend asked me what had changed about Twin Falls. At first I thought this is Twin...nothing has changed. Then I realized a lot has change…
How To Say “Cool” One Hundred Years Ago

For some reason, MSN decided to do an annoying slideshow of slang terms and where they came from.  But the best part is looking at the evolution of slang terms for the word "cool" over the past 100 years.
It's amazing how we still use a lot of these today . . . not.  (--See what I did the…
This Day in History for June 7, 2011
Here's a look at some interesting events that took place on this day in history:
1654 – Louis XIV becomes King of France (More info)
1776 - Richard Henry Lee of Virginia introduces a resolution in the Continental Congress proposing a Declaration of Independence (More info)
1862 – The …