Is The Albion College Haunted?
Before the Albion College was the Haunted Mansions of Albion, it was just an old abandoned college. A college that some locals would say is haunted!
8 Haunted Places To Visit In Southern Idaho
Most of us enjoy a good scare. That's why we go to haunted houses, BASE jump, whitewater kayak, and ride scary roller coasters. There is an amount of joy that comes from being terrified and then in the end realizing you are fine.
Is Your House Haunted Or Just Dirty?
There are probably hundreds of movies and TV shows dedicated to the paranormal and house hauntings. There are also a ton of shows about hoarders and their extremely dirty houses. Science says there may be a connection between the two!
A Popular SLC Downtown Hotel May be Haunted
My husband and I discovered the craziest, saddest and slightly creepy thing yesterday about a downtown Salt Lake City hotel.
We have stayed in this hotel several times, and I'm betting you have stayed there too. It's a nice hotel that offers great customer service, free breakfast and an indoor pool. …
Haunted Houses
Some people don't get scared at Haunted Houses others are terrified before they even get out of the car and some people refuse to go to any haunted house because they are so scared. I personally don't know how people don't get scared. I am very jumpy so haunted house almost aren'…
Would You Stay At A Haunted Hotel? [POLL]
Over the weekend my husband and I stayed in a very nice hotel in Lava Springs. When we arrived I felt like the hotel had an odd feeling to it. You know very airy. It felt like someone else was in the room while we were checking in.